Annual Report 2022


The Global Health Security Initiative (GHSI) has continued its critical work of strengthening health security by supporting effective and coordinated responses to COVID-19, while continuing to advance its core mandate through ongoing preparedness against chemical, biological, radio-nuclear (CBRN) threats to health, as well as pandemic respiratory viruses.

In-person meetings of the Coordination and Liaison Committee (CLC) in Ottawa (June) and Deputy Health Ministers during the GHSI Ministerial in Berlin (October) highlighted the value of meeting face-to-face to further collaborate within this close and trusted network. This resulted in the development of a forward-looking plan to address common priority areas such as: the Event Management Response Framework (EMRF), Medical Countermeasures for CBRN incidents, monitoring the ongoing Ukraine Crisis, and information sharing on infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19, Mpox and Ebola. The rapid sharing of information has helped facilitate several discussions on response and preparedness in Global Health Security.

The working groups and networks are the technical backbone of the GHSI. They continue to demonstrate the value of their work and relationships during crises, as well as sustaining regular information flow and sharing of best practices for core topics. The GHSI continues to remain committed to collaboration between member countries, international partners, and the working groups/networks to maintain this unique trusted network.